Max Acro Team Pilots

Max Marien

Owner of Max Acro Paragliding

Mike Cozza

Team Pilot

Jason Lauritzen

Team Pilot

Jennifer Lauritzen

Team Pilot

Mo Gottschalk

Team Pilot

Ersin Comert

Team Pilot - Turkey

Brandon Hankins

Team Pilot

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

Max Acro Athlete Sponsorship

The Max Acro Paragliding Athletic Sponsorship program is designed to support paragliding pilots pursuing acrobatic training in the United States.  Aspiring to grow and develop the acrobatic paragliding community in the United States through the promotion, attendance and formation of US Acro Paragliding events and other programs throughout the world.

Sponsorship Perks:

•Half price on all trips and clinics

•Exclusive clinic on competition entry, sequencing, and success

•Exclusive Max Acro gear 

•Featured posts and athlete highlights on Max Acro online platforms

•$150/year acro competition travel reimbursement

•$100/year acro competition entry fee reimbursement 

•Flying equipment discounts when purchased through team

•$150 bonus for magazine placement with sponsor name clearly visible

•$400 bonus for magazine cover with sponsor name clearly visible

•$150 bonus for competition podium placement with sponsor name clearly visible

(Payment reimbursements/bonuses do not apply to Max Acro hosted events)

Sponsorship Requirements:

•No advertisement of other US SIV competing companies 

• Attend at least one Max Acro event per calendar year from date of sponsorship
• Notify Max Acro of any upcoming appearances or competitions

•Attempt to include sponsor advertising gear and or name in any professional photo/video shoots, podium placements, tv or magazine appearances.

•Be available for Max Acro photo/video shoots

•Maintain a positive presence in the acrobatic paragliding community

Sponsored athlete requirements:

•Active in the acro paragliding community

•Attendance of over 10 SIV clinics or equivalent training 

•Desire to grow the acro paragliding community through presence and participation